What you can do to help your accountant prepare an accurate tax return efficiently:

Go through the organizer provided and make sure to:

� Provide documentation for all items listed on the return in the prior year.

� Answer the questions at the front of the organizer.

� Provide information on any new items affecting your tax return or that you even think might affect your tax return.

� Make sure to fill in the date when you paid estimated taxes.

� If mileage is tracked (cannot use an estimate) make sure to provide mileage for the first six months of the year and for the second six months of the year. The rate changed mid-year. This is applicable for business and medical miles. The rate for charitable miles was consistent through the year.

� Provide information on foreign financial assets such as bank accounts, investment accounts, including retirement accounts. Information needed is value at the end of the year and highest value during the year, name and mailing address of financial institution, account number and names(s) of account holder.

� Return the signed organizer to your accountant.

Note: Check your mail for tax related documentation even after you have given information to your accountant. Often Form 1099 from a brokerage will be revised. Provide any revised information to your accountant as soon as possible

Items that can delay preparation of your return:

� Basis on stock sales missing.

� No information regarding payment of estimated taxes.

� Items present on prior return with no documentation of the current return � no explanation when documentation not provided for current year.